Intense, untrusting, and with a flair for dark drama, the Dramatic Uke experiences the world on a different level than most. Creative and deep feeling, they are experts at human emotion, and can see right through to your real motives and weakness. However, they are ruled by their own thoughts and emotions, sometimes too much. As they cannot escape the darkness within their soul, they find themselves subconsciously drawing in the Sadistic Seme - the only one who can make them forget...

Other common traits of the Dramatic Uke personality include being: intelligent, suspicious, manipulative, sensual, and secretive.

The Dramatic Uke personality best (but not always) corresponds with these associations:

Japanese Element: Fire

Chinese Zodiac: Snake

Color: Deep Purple

Fruit: Peaches

Dessert: Chocolate Lava Cake

Theme Song: Muma - The Nightmare by BUCK-TICK

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